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Check out the EMS manipulators available for your tester model of Advantest, Chroma, Credence, Keithley Instruments, Keysight, Teradyne, or Xcerra.

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Manipulator Applications

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Test CompanyTester ModelinTEST Manipulator
Advantest V93K ATH Cobal 250
Advantest V93K CTH Cobal 250
Advantest V93K STH Cobal 500
Advantest T2000 26 Slot Cobal 500
Aemulus   Contact Factory
Chroma 3650 Cobal 250
Chroma 3680 Cobal 500
Credence ASL 1000 in2-160
Credence ASL 3000 in2-160
Keithley Instruments KS600 in2-160
Keysight 40X0 Series Cobal 250
Keysight 40X0 Series in2-160
National Instruments STS in2 and Cobal
Teradyne ETS 364 Cobal 250
Teradyne ETS 600 Cobal 250
Teradyne ETS 800 Cobal 250
Teradyne Magnum PV Cobal 250
Teradyne Magnum SV Cobal 500
Teradyne Magnum SSV Cobal 500
Teradyne J750-512 Cobal 500
Test CompanyTester ModelinTEST Manipulator
Teradyne J750-1024 (EX & IP) Cobal 500
Teradyne MicroFlex Cobal 500
Teradyne Integra Flex Cobal 500
Teradyne Ultra Flex SC - 12 Slot Cobal 500
Teradyne Ultra Flex HD - 24 Slot Cobal 500
Teradyne Magnum SV in2-400
Teradyne J750-512 in2-400
Teradyne J750-1024 (EX & IP) in2-400
Teradyne ETS 364 in2-160
Teradyne ETS 600 in2-160
Xcerra LTXc CX Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc MXc Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc MX Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc EX Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc Diamond X Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc PAX Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc D10 Cobal 250
Xcerra LTXc MX in2-160
Xcerra ASL 1000 in2-160
Xcerra ASL 3000 in2-160


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